Razorgore orb not working

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Thread Modes. Kosath Inactive Officer. I think we can all agree that last night we made real progress at this encounter. I can see us winning in the near future, with a few tweaks. The corners handled their spawns well and we found ways to keep the dragonkin occupied on warriors. Kiting worked well once a group of them was gathered and the warrior wasnt being hit, and I also found that I could tank 4 of them for quite a long time, probably indefinitely with 2 dedicated healers. Now here is the problem I realized afterward: A tank needs to take over orb control from rawne for the last eggs.

If Umu is kiting dragonkin, that can't be him. If I'm tanking dragonkin, that can't be me. With a little more practice I feel we can get through phase 2 cleanly with warriors keeping dragonkin busy. I think our next hurdle is the orb transition, so I am asking for ideas. Kosath Whitehorn "The Tribe is my weapon. I am their shield. Zuipol Tribe Friend. Simply because I'm not overly familiar with too much of the encounter, why does a warrior need to switch out with Rawne for the last two eggs?

Is Rawne usually getting killed before he can pop the last two? Also, adding something quickly from our conversations on healing aggro yes, I'm behindAkora decided to drop a Tranquil Air totem in our corner to keep her and Naruth's overall aggro levels down. I dunno if shaman have been doing this at all prior to yesterday, but it seems to work really well for buying a bit of extra time before dragons come over and face-feast.

I did not drop a Tranquil Air Totem, but will keep that in mind. Did Akora have one down the whole time or just toward the end?The Stonecutters. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. News: Welcome Alien Overlords! Home Help Login Register.

Thraka Stein Hoister Posts: After Tuesday nights raid, I tryed to go find a few strats. I don't know if these help any, but they certainly informed me as to what was happening in the encounter. WoWWiki Normal Wikipedia.

You know there are lots of woman in this world, but not all of them bring you lasagna at work. Leebowski Keg Meister Posts: 4, Here's another strat - where Hunters kite all 3 dragonkin that spawn in the corner. It free up some people on other jobs if we could pull it off! I think i'm getting old Karokk Stein Washer Posts: The way I had done it was 4 corner groups killing all orcs, two kiters - one on each platform - kiting the dragons in small figure 8's around their own platform, once there are about on both of them they start full kiting - circle 8's using both platforms, at this time there should only be about 8 eggs left, the mcer is the main tank - he should leave the last egg to be popped the one that is right infornt of the mc point, that way aggro is very easy to grab.

If this is interesting to anyone I will go into deeper detail, I do want to say that I think it saved my previous guild about 20 attempts on him. CyddV Keg Tapper Posts: Borat is a god and can kill Razorgore solo.

All while wearing a green swimsuit.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts An hour ago. An hour ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: how do i kill Razorgore the Untamed? Edit: silly me, he counts as pet apprently so. Last edited by Draknalor; at PM.

Reply With Quote. Are you clicking it and standing still? It takes a second to connect. If you move immediately after clicking it won't work. And there is still a debuff you get that prevents you from using it again, it just lasts like a few seconds now. You can't have pets active when clicking the orb, that might be the issue.

Vanilla Hunter - Razorgore Kite POV

What class are you doing it on? First time I tried with my hunter, I had to dismiss my pet before the orb worked. Originally Posted by Draknalor Make sure you are standing still when clicking the orb and give it a second or two to kick in.

If i remember it correctly you cannot use the orb if you have a pet ghoul, hunter pet, minionIts been a while since i ran it with a pet class so am not sure if they fixed it. Pride defeats man".

Yeah what someone else said, you have to dismiss your pet. I'm a warlock, had the same thing happen to me. Come listen! On the same vein: how do you solo this fight as a DK frost or unholy? They always kill him or me.Its completely separate from ExtraActionButton. After some quick research, I couldnt find a macro or bind for it. Now if only there was a macro to quiet the screaming caused by all the insanity!

It took a bit of doing, but I think I have a better macro that will work for anything. I only tested it in Draenor, but it worked. SpellButton to it. After that, each click will trigger the orb or whatever other zone ability is active for the current zone.

Currently I have reserved a key for my macro. If I added those lines at the beginning, would it still allow the following lines to run? You need to make a different macro for handling the sanity orbs and other Zone Action Buttons like the WoD zone abilities. Dominos seems to hide that button, so that quick little macro works for me! The addon ZoneAbilityBinding is now live at curseforge. Thanks for this.

The matching icon is about scrolls down from the first page. Just a note for everyone that wants this addon - use the link given by the author. It looks like I had it set as Alpha instead of Release version. I just set it to Release version, so it should show up soon.

Razorgore the Untamed

Good to hear! I used it yesterday to drop my orbs adding it to my swiss-army-knife macro - worked like a charm! TY so much for this info. I was feeling really desperate. UI and Macro. Mossclaw-wyrmrest-accord Mossclaw 16 January 1.

What are they calling this button so that I may add it to the macro? Evelynais-kirin-tor 16 January 2. Sharpbladez-proudmoore Sharpbladez 16 January 3. Evelynais-kirin-tor 16 January 4. Mossclaw-wyrmrest-accord Mossclaw 16 January 5.

Thank you very much!

I can easily add that line to my macro and set and forget! Evelynais-kirin-tor 16 January 6. Mossclaw-wyrmrest-accord Mossclaw 16 January 7. That is more elegant, but would I be able to insert it into my macro? Evelynais-kirin-tor 16 January 8. Mossclaw-wyrmrest-accord Mossclaw 16 January 9. Evelynais-kirin-tor 17 January GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project?

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razorgore orb not working

During the server event today we were trying to do blackwing lair. There is a bug where you can't stop mind controlling Razorgore and the button for releasing him does not work. Figured out eventually that if you logout and back in it stops mind controlling the boss and works out alright.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link Quote reply. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. VA-L self-assigned this Jan 21, This one has been fully rewritten. Razorgore and all the summoned adds will now despawn if he evades. Eggs will now respawn when razorgore evades.

Right Mind Control spell added.As stated it the title, if you solo Razorgore the Untamed in Blackwing Lair with a pet active, the mindcontrol orb will not work. I did not know this until today, and died 3 times before I had enough and found an answer. The boss will explode, one shotting you, if you kill it directly, and if you Feign Death or reset it in any way. Thank you for reporting the bugs you find, and helping the developers improve the game for us all.

This is not the right place to report bugs though, post any bugs you find through the in-game Help menu. Follow the guide lines listed, to write up your bug report in details and help out the teams investigating your bug.

Have a few seconds to spare? First boss in BWL doesn't work if you have an active pet Support. Technical Support. Athorigos-silvermoon February 20,pm 1. The boss will explode, one shotting you, if you kill it directly, and if you Feign Death or reset it in any way Please fix this. Nenyasqi February 21,am 2. Heya, Thank you for reporting the bugs you find, and helping the developers improve the game for us all. Nenyasqi closed February 21,am 3.Razorgore the Untamed is a dragonspawn of the black dragonflight and the first boss of Blackwing Lair.

razorgore orb not working

He has been tasked by the lord of Blackwing Lair, Nefarianwith guarding the numerous and precious black dragon eggs located in the first room of the instance.

To this end, Razergore has been given command of a cohort of orcs and other forces, and will stop at nothing to ensure that no harm comes to his grave charges. To progress beyond this room, the raid must first defeat Razorgore.

The raid should be well equipped with Molten Core gear at least. The main damage from Razorgore is fire damage, thus the tanks should balance their gear well - they do need some fire resistance gear but not all-out FR gear, because this impairs their ability to kite. Other raid members can also benefit from FR gear esp. During Phase 1 the orcish orb controller, Grethok the Controllerand his two Blackwing Guardsmen are dealt with.

On the pull a timer starts, at the end of which adds will start to spawn phase 2. If the controller and his guards are dead before the timer expires, the raid will have a short phase out of combat at the end of phase 1. The Orb of Domination should be used right away to control Razorgore, else he will attack the raid. The controlled Razorgore is used to destroy all the eggs in the room. If some adds are killed, new ones will spawn to replace them. This phase ends when all the eggs in the room are destroyed, at which point all adds flee and Razorgore heals himself to full health.

If Razorgore runs out of health before all of the eggs are destroyed, he will unleash a massive attack that instantly kills all units in the room players and creaturesand resets the room. The objective of Phase 3 is to kill Razorgore.

Frost Mage DPS Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities — Battle for Azeroth (BfA) 8.3

Hopefully enough of the raid survived phase 2 to bring him down While mind-controlled, Razorgore exposes these abilities to the controlling player, listed using their default hotkey:.

This is a quick and dirty fight. Aggroing this mob also aggroes Razorgore, so this phase needs to be completed as quickly as possible.

The controller has a mind control ability, so kill him first. CCing his guards is not a good idea because it takes too much time; better tank them, some raids even use AoE. The faster these three are dead the better.

ソファー 2人掛けソファー 2人用ソファー 二人掛け 二人用 約幅150cm ダークブラウン ホワイト 白 革張り製 モダン風 そふぁー

When this is done, have someone take control of the controlling orb. The following general strategy works best for raids while learning this encounter.

There are variations possible like using fear, or Razorgore's firebolt clusterbut the general idea mostly remains the same. In the room corners are two spawn points each the little "rooms" which are lower than the normal floor. From these points, up to 52 adds spawn rather quickly, but randomly.

razorgore orb not working

The types of adds and how they should be dealt with are:. All adds have initial aggro on the Razorgore controller. The mage types will run to the center of the room and start to attack the controller with their ranged fireballs - this must not happen.

Since the number of adds is limited 12 dragonkin and 40 orcskilling only the mages will eventually lead to a room full of melee orcs and dragonkin. It's a good idea to set up at least one 5 players group consisting of rogues, mages and warlocks to watch each corner and kill the mages spawning there. Have an assist target set up in each corner group.

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